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Our video training consists of many different modules grouped in sessions that help our H.O.S.T.s along a journey to be Leaders. Below are some sample videos which are part of the 7 sessions for New H.O.S.T. Training for each New H.O.S.T. at Saddleback Church. These video training lead to other video trainings found in Leader Training 1, Leader Training 2 and This email kicks off the whole process once a New H.O.S.T. shows up on our radar.

SESSION 1: Before Your First Meeting

Small Group Host Commissioning

The First Step in Your Small Group

What does it mean to be a Small Group Host?

The Small Group Host Journey

Setting Group Guidelines

SESSION 2: Doing Small Group the Right Way

-What Should We Do About Childcare
-How Do I set Up My Environment?
-How Do I Facilitate a Group Meeting?
-Should We Still Meet?
-How Do I grow spiritually as a small group host?

SESSION 3: We Finished, Now What?

-What Resources Are provided?
-How do I find discussion Content?
-Engaged Globally
-I’ve been a Host for a while now, what’s next?

SESSION 4: What To Do When I Need Help

-Small Group Tips
-Who is My Community Leader? What do they do?
-What happens if I can’t answer a theological question?
-How Do I find a Co-Host?

SESSION 5: Managing Your Group Size

-How Do I fill my group with people?
-How do I subgroup?
-Help! My Group is too big!
-How Do I manage communication within my Group?

SESSION 6: How Do I Balance the Purposes for Group Health?

-What Does Evangelism Look like in
-What does fellowship look like?
– Discipleship: Growing Spiritually as a Small Group Host
-What does worship look like in a small group?
-Evangelism for everyone
-Helping your group serve

SESSION 7: Helping You Interpret the Bible

-Inductive Training part 1
-Inductive Training part 2
-Inductive Training part 3
-Inductive Training part 4

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