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Welcome to Small Group Ministries

Through the history of the church, small groups have played a vital role. From the time of Christ to today, these values have changed countless lives and helped the church to grow and reach thousands while at the same time give the closeness of a well knitted community. Giving the church the ability to grow larger and smaller at the same time!

At the center of why we do small groups is to see changed lives. We see this accomplished through our Vision and Mission.

VISION - Why We Are Here

To see every person, from the core of our church to the ever-growing community, connected in a healthy small group.

MISSION - What We Do

To balance the Great Commission and great commandment in the heart of every person and group.

Whether you are just starting out in Small Group ministry as the Point Person or as a Small Group Leader; or maybe you are a veteran looking for new resources to polish your model, this ministry is dedicated to you. Whether you are fulltime or a volunteer in the church, this site is done with you in mind.

Through my 20 plus years and life circumstances in leading a Small Group Ministry, these resources will help sharpen your focus, intensify your leadership skills and prepare your delivery system (small groups) to build healthy and balanced lives around the Great commission and the Great Commandment.

When we use the term “small groups,” don’t be offended if you don’t have small groups. These principles apply to Sunday schools, cell groups, meta groups, G12 groups, T4T (Training 4 Trainers), CPM (Church Planting Movement), house churches and just about any grouping of people can take these principles and make them work for a more healthy and balanced church, groups and lives!

God bless you!


Steve Gladen
Pastor of the Small Group Community
Saddleback Church

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